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There are dozens of ways to serve and so many serve teams to choose from. You can learn more about the online serve opportunities below. Sign up with your family and friends and help make a difference today!

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Live Services


Responds to comments during our services, answers questions, and makes sure the person feels seen and appreciated.


Ensures that each comment/post by a viewer gets “liked” (varies based on which platform is being monitored).

Prayer Partners

Engages in the comment/chat field and watches for prayer requests. Responds to these requests by personally praying for them and then commenting to the person that they have received prayer.

Prayer Intercessors

Prays for worship experiences with other prayer team intercessors via conference call.

Tech Support

This team monitors and communicates to each stream across all of our platforms. They provide insight and technical support as needed and helps bridge the gap between technology and relationships. No Technical Experience Required.

Weekday Serve Opportunities


Kids team members will assist with virtually supporting, encouraging, resourcing and praying for families served by Radiant Kids.‍


Youth team members will assist with virtually supporting, encouraging, resourcing and praying for families served by Bold Youth.‍


This team helps every ministry by accurately imputing data into our Church Database. They will help manage Dream Team profiles and schedules, create plans for services, run reports, help support our Connect Group Leaders managing Connect Groups, and much more!

Call Team‍

Makes calls to the Radiant family to encourage them, keep them connected, and to take prayer requests.‍


Attends and photographs mission opportunities and other events (while remaining socially distant) during the COVID-19 crisis. This role requires owning a camera and computer to be able to deliver photos to the Creative team.‍


Has previous experience or education in writing. In this role, you will clearly and effectively write social media captions, emails, devotions, and other various communication.


Has a way with words. In this role you will make phone calls to individuals to gather details about their Radiant story, then write story in a way to share on social media and with our church.

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