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God made you uniquely to make a difference in the world. Radiant Connect at Radiant Church is a simple one-step process that enables you to become a member of Radiant Church, discover the gifts God has given you, grow as a leader, and serve in ministry. At the end of the course you will be invited to attend a Radiant Connect lunch with Pastor David and Renata where you can connect relationally and have the opportunity to ask questions.

What to Expect

Throughout this course, we will guide you through the vision, mission, and structure of Radiant Church. We will also help you discover your God-given purpose through a DISC profile and a spiritual gift assessment. We believe that as you learn more about how God has uniquely created you, you will learn more about His purpose for your life.

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Take Radiant DNA In-Person

You can take this course in-person ten minutes after our weekend services. No sign up required! Be sure to submit your completion form in order to receive your invitation to our Radiant DNA lunch with Pastor David and Renata.

Offered every first, second, and third Sundays after each of our weekend services. Estimated class length is one hour.

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