Next Generation

Radiant Kids Early Childhood Team

Radiant Elementary Team

Radiant Kids Check-In Team

BoldYTH (Junior and Senior High Ministry)


Radiant Kids GLOW Summer Camp

JV Dream Team (for 12-17 years old)

Host Team

Administration Team


Online Campus Chat Host (In-Person or Online)

Security Team

Outdoor Experience Team

Usher Team

First Responders (Medical Professionals for Special Events)


Events Team (Event Planning and Management)

Graphic Design (In-Person or Online)

Photography Team (In-Person or Online)

Social Media Team (In-Person or Online)

Video Team

More Teams

Load-In Team (Portable, Church-In)

Load-Out Team (Portable, Church-Out)

Trucks and Trailers Team

Production Team (Sound, A/V, Video Producing)

Radiant Music (Musicians or Vocalists)

Small Group Leader

Small Groups: Congregational Team

Next Steps Team (Room Hosts for Sunday Classes & Events)

Prayer Team (Small Groups & Sunday Team)

Outreach Team: (Host & Lead Church-Wide Outreach)