Local Outreach

While we know it is crucial to reach those in nations around the world who have never heard the name of Jesus, we also know that there are people here in our own community who are in need of our love, support, and a relationship to Know God.  The current poverty rate in the Kansas City is 17%. This city needs our help.

Our local impact strategy focuses on partnerships with local organizations thatstrive to meet real needs of real people in our own backyard. Through thesecombined efforts, we will have the opportunity to help local schools, inter-city missions, charity organizations, and other local outreach initiatives in Kansas City area. We will be providing both financial supportand volunteer assistance in order to be a radiant light amidst darkness in ourcity.
We’re so excited to continuously see the impact of Radiant Church as we make a difference in Kansas City. Our prayer is that Radiant Church will be an integral part in helping the lost, poor, orphaned, abandoned, and widowed inour city truly see and experience the love of Jesus. 

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Urban Christian Academy

Urban Christian Academy is a private, Christian school in Kansas City. UCA's goal is to see their students on a different trajectory than the one their zip code dictates. They believe that while Jesus is the transformation, an excellent education is a vehicle to a myriad of life options that their students deserve and are capable of. They believe that lack of financial resources should not inhibit students from the opportunity to receive a high-quality, Christian education.

Serve Day 2020

Serve Day is a day dedicated to mobilizing our church totake on various serve projects across our city in one day.Each year we partner with ARC to host a nationwide effort toserve our nation by serving those first in our ownbackyard. Mark your calendars for Serve Day July 10, 2021.

City Union Mission

City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women, and children who are poor or homeless. City Union Mission offers a variety of community services through their various service programs for men, families, children & youth, and homeless populations. 

Blue Valley School District

Blue Valley School District Lunch Program: We place a high value on making a difference in our city. We partner with Blue Valley School District Lunch Program for children in need of free or assisted lunch. It is our continued desire to continue to partner with other local school districts in need of help for their students.