What is the future is radiant?
The Future Is Radiant is the strategy that God has given to us for a new season of impact. By building and expanding our reach in Kansas City and beyond, we are creating the opportunity for the lost to encounter the presence of God and become radiant disciples of Jesus Christ.

There are hundreds of thousands in our own region that deserve to have an encounter with the Living God. It is time for us to rise up, accept the responsibility and shine. We believe as we do this together, we are once again going to see the goodness and miraculous favor of God upon all that we put our hands to.
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how can you participate?
Whether you’ve been part of Radiant for years, or you just started attending, we want you to get involved and ask the Lord to connect your heart with what He is doing through our church. Listen for Him to give you direction on how He would have you participate in The Future Is Radiant. No matter the dollar amount you feel led to give, we believe that if you give what God has placed on your heart, we will see the fruition of our prayers as Kansas City becomes the Radiant City that God designed it to be.
This video reveals the faithfulness of God throughout Radiant's history while eagerly anticipating the future and all that He is going to do. It’s our hope that as you watch and see God’s miraculous hand at work, it would inspire, provoke, and create a desire in you to be a part of what God is calling us to next.
Intent to give
Your 2-year commitment will go towards The Future Is Radiant building project. After you complete your Commitment Card, you can set up your recurring giving inside of our giving platform.